Benefits of Digitizing Teaching


The idea behind using a Digital Teacher, a Digital Facilitator or Digital Communicator, is to give your audience access to learning material 24/7.


Unlike traditional online universities, where live teachers talk about the subject matter, our content delivery is carefully engineered to communicate the essence of what the viewer needs to get from the subject matter.


In every live presentation, no matter how excellent the presenter is, key messages can be sometimes lost. Key messages, that I will emphasize in my delivery, pitch perfect.


I bring more interactivity to the teaching & learning dynamics, within the digital realm. The Benefits are: 24/7 access, global reach &  knowledge transfer, delivered in an attractive cost-benefit model.

Communicator, Facilitator & Teacher


Beyond a Sales Automation tool, we have evolved our Digtized Personalities into a learning, training & communication tool. 


Applications being for Human Resources, Learning & Development, Technical Training & Education in general.


Whilst machines may never completely replace humans, we can support & assist in the information delivery process.


The idea is to bring more interactivess to the teaching/learning dynamics in the digital realm.


Benefits: 24/7 access, scalability & knowledge re-inforcement in a very attractive cost-benefit model. Here's some examples below.

Who needs a Digitized Teacher?


Organizations, companies large & small, schools, NGA's ... who wish to:


Bring new employees up to speed on what to & what NOT to do in their new environment.


Take Learning & Development seriously by keeping their team memebers trained up on the latest in best practice.


Work functions that require high levels of competency & on-going training.


Students of all levels from the young to the mature at the university level who prefer a more dynamic, engaging & interesting way to learn.