​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Daniel Yen - Practice Director


My mission is to Digitize the Sales & Marketing of businesses into a fully automated digital system. I am passionate about the synergistic applications of leading edge disparate Technologies.

I wish to digitize the everyday activities of shopping or researching to come as close as possible to a real life, in-person experience.


I have experienced a voracious appetite for knowledge which I have kept up to this date. My passion started since the age of 10 on a wide ranging interest from Quantum Physics, Neuro Linguistics, Cosmology, Nano-Technology.


Leadership of Search Optimization
Leadership of Search Optimization

Attended by Digital Marketing Heads of Banks, Large Hotel Groups ..even directors of Global Agencies



Daniel Yen, Intelligence Practice Director @ Digital Marketing ROI

​Daniel has worked with & consulted for over 50 Global Leading Corporation in all major Industry Categories like Technology, Travel, Bio-Tech, Real Estate & eCommerce.


As Founder of Digital Marketing ROI, he leads the Digital Intelligence Practice & is Chief Technology Architect for the company's Digital Sales Solutions.

You can visit Daniel's Linkedin Profile linkedin.com/in/danielyen.


As thought leader & consultant for Fortune 500 companies on Digital Strategy, Cloud Computing & Analytics, he is a regular presenter for Intel's Embedded Intelligence initiative in APAC.

He articulates opportunities when it comes to ideation & imagineering on the development of intelligent connected machines. He has previously presented for Cisco on Virtualization benefits of Cloud.

Additionally, Daniel has consulted for some 50+ global companies like Alibaba, Google, Yahoo, SCB, eBay, Savills, Avis just to name a few.

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​Digital Alchemist

Daniel created Digitized Personalities to address a key weakness in everyone's digital sales funnel: the lack of service or sales. No one expects to walk in a shop without any help or assistance!


Then why are websites full of long, boring text. Where is that personal touch?


Treat your customers with respect and courtesy. Tell them about your key features and highlight, your product unique benefits! If need be, even help them compare your products with that of your competitors!


Thanks to Daniel's efforts, we now have Digitized Personalities, just like me who can be deployed as Customer Service, Sales Professionals or even Teachers!