Expandable ad formats


  • Cost-per-engagement (CPE) Real Time Bidding

  • Desktop: Hover their mouse over the ad for two seconds in order to engage.

  • Mobile: Tap on the ad to prompt the engaged state.


Targeting by: Age, Gender, Parental status, Topics, Interests, Keywords Triggered, Placements & reTargeting Pools

GDN & DSP RTB Programmatic  


  • Show up on content networks 

  • Video Size does NOT matter

  • We can find the Video from your Youtube AC if required.

  • High Definition Welcome



Learn more about Tech Specs & Analytics Here

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Images & Video Specs


Video Only:

  • 2-5 Video only & no images

  • Recommended length 30 Sec 

  • Maximum Length up to 4 minutes


Images with Video: 

  • 1 Video only.

  • Up to 10 images or less

  • Dimensions limit of 1024x1050 pixels

  • 4:3 aspect ratio reecommended

  • PNG, JPG, or GIF

  • 150 KB maximum file size.


Logo Image:

  • The logo is the image that appears in the header of the ad, and will be used in both ad impression & expanded states.

  • Image Type: PNG, JPG, or GIF files are accepted.

  • 150 KB maximum file size. 

  • Dimensions 50 x 50 to 1024 x 1050 pixels



  • 1 to 3 Headline text: 35 Characters recommeded

  • Lines 2 and 3 scroll every 8 seconds as the ad animates

Expandable Analytics


  • Impressions served


  • Engagements of viewers who expand the ad past full content load


  • Engagement rate: Number of engagements Rate received divided by the number of impressions served


  • Average CPE: Average cost-per-engagement


  • Video play: Number of video activations per video


  • Quartile video plays (25, 50, 75, and 100): Number of video plays reaching x% of video completion; applies to all the videos


  • Expansions: Number of taps or hovers on the ad

Supply your Video


  • If its on Youtube, give us the URL link

  • If you dont have a video but have many images, create one

  • Speak to your Account Manager or our Local Sales partner.

Turn your Images to Video + Music