Mandy Ng leads our Advertising Team.

As Head of Operations and our go-to-market Campaigns, Mandy Ng has a strong background in Business Processes, Operations & Finance.


As COO of Digital Marketing ROI & over 20 years in senior corporate management roles, she has an objective can-do attitude to optimise our client's ROI.


Mandy is an expert on effective business processes design & re-engineering. Visit her here:


As The ROI Lead, Mandy is responsible for architecting the actual details of every ROI Campaign. Looking at client's detailed needs, their business goals & mapping out a scientific methodology tailored to drive ROI.

She sometimes says that "Prospect Targeting is like fishing for a needle in a haystack". And yet your ROI deliverables can stretch from 10,000 visitors to your Site a month to 100,000 & more.

Her seasoned professional background is what makes her attention to details so elemental in optimizing our go-to-market campaigns & providing thought leadership to our team of professionals.

Key Strengths


Mandy's key strengths are in critical path solution problem solving, ahead of schedule project implementation, business accountability and change management.

Her expertise is in running prospect, lead and customer acquisition campaigns for clients.

On a personal level, she is a resourceful problem solver and a believer in proactive and sustainable leadership informed by openness, curiosity and a desire to meet new challenges.

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