Digital Marketing ROI Programmatic as a Service

What do we do?

We are an Omni-Channel Programmatic Digital Advertising practice. We help clients achieve their digital advertising KPIs by analyzing their campaign goals and recommending the ideal media mix or channels, audience targeting and best practices to hit their KPIs. In addition to buying media, we focus on understanding the typical customer journey across the sales funnel and then recommending best practices in order to optimize that journey via the ad campaigns and clients’ digital assets.

What are our products & how are they special?

Our core service is media buying via all major media channels such as Facebook, Google Display, Google Search, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and mobile display. Media can be purchased on each ad network separately or depending on a client’s business objectives, we can recommend the ideal media mix and channels to deliver an optimised advertising campaign. Our Programmatic Media Buying Practice offers Keyword Triggered Ad bidding logic. This means for some campaigns, we can target a relevant audience and garner their attention based on the relevancy of the web page or in-App experience to your product that’s being promoted. Keyword Triggered Ad Bid methodology works on publisher pages content & #HashTags for both your product names(s) and that of your competitor’s in the market place.

Are there online reports we can access?

Reports are available online 1-3 business days after the campaign starts. You will receive an encrypted URL with the campaign reports. The data is updated approximately every 24 hours. Example Reports here:

What are minimum budgets?

The minimum budget required to run a campaign is USD 5,000 Our payment terms are set as follows:

  • Funds are required to buy media on an advertiser's behalf using real time bidding (RTB).
  • In addition, every campaign requires professional time to set up and go live.
  • There is also ongoing optimisation and generating detailed campaign reports.
  • Therefore we require 100% pre-payment in order to service all of our clients.

Pricing Model?

We offer fixed media rates on a CPC (cost per click) or CPV (cost per video view) business model. All media rates are transparent and listed within the online quotation system on the website itself. Customized media plans, discounted media packages and agency rebate programs are available upon request. Our CPC and CPV media rates are NET rates offered to advertisers. There are no hidden platform or management fees. We buy media via RTB real time bidding. Media rates on each ad network such as facebook, YouTube and Google go up and down every day in real time.

How do you reTarget when a user is online but on another device?

The customer journey is a multi step process spanning days to months as Prospects move beyond Awareness to Opinion to Consideration to a Purchasing Decision. Appropriate & timely reminders in the form of relevant reTargeting banners is the key to move those prospects down the Sales Funnel. By using Smart Tags on advertisers’ websites we can deliver much needed reTargeting messages that follow prospects across all major Publishing Networks & most importantly from PC to Mobile to Tablet so your Brand & products can remain front of mind. Tracking and audience segmentation is a dynamic process that is adjusted on the fly so as to help drive, reTarget & tweak that target audience profile as provided in the media plan.

What is special about Digital Marketing ROI Programmatic services?

Many DSP claim to have super advanced intelligence at your disposal. Perhaps one day will come when A.I can rival and surpass humans in framing a media plan, deploy the ads & optimize for an audience without any human understanding nor interference with what’s going on. That day has NOT yet come! Those black box algorithms are incapable of optimizing your ads and still require human coordination. As a self serve model, you will NOT be able to do that as novice programmatic media buyers. Here is the key difference as we provide a turn key solution that allows you to focus on your business as we dleiver professional services on the media plan optimisation, buy & reporting.

Can you list some of the Programmatic media buying options?

For most advertisers it is critical to go beyond Category and Interest targeting, we suggest using Keyword Triggered Ad Bid methodology instead. This is a very specific target audience interest in for eg fly fishing. The page where we bid for the ad contains fly fishing content, we bid for the ad position. If we win the impression, we place an impression for you. You can Geo-Target down to a 1 KM radius. However the density of the population needs to be large enough in each city or geo-location in order to deliver enough impressions during the campaign. Age targeting is typically accurate and effective when running campaigns on social networks such as facebook and instagram. For multi channel campaigns including google display network not all of the publishers and websites in the ad network collect user data. Therefore we recommend using keyword triggered ads in order to more accurately reach your target audience. Install our Smart Tag to generate audience groups that help us to understand how to best optimize the ad impression bids and wins that eventuates into clicks and a deepening engagement of that visitor to your site. Audience communication is a dynamic process that is adjusted on the fly so as to help drive, reTarget & tweak that target audience profile as provided in the media plan​