reTargeting all Prospects

> Consumers Searching for products on other sites reTargeted back to your site via Display Ads .


>  reTarget EXISTING Prospects who will end up buying elsewhere because they FORGOT about you, did NOT get the value message & do NOT yet understand the comparative benefits.


> Get more of those who visited once to come back for a 2nd chance to perform a valuable action such as:


  • Opting-in newsletters

  • Liking your site

  • Recommending your Product

  • Downloading a PDF

  • Making a purchase



Digital Marketing ROI reTargeting
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Lost Prospects?


You spent a lot of time & money driving Prospects to your website.


Would be great if they ALL bought or signed up on the first visit, right?


Let's be realistic, on average only 1-2% who like your stuff are ready. 


The rest go away for a shopping comparison , think about it & talk to their significant others.


Some may remember because they were blown away with your Product. Most just forgot, bought elsewhere or simply were NOT impressed by your website & your Product.


So what's your game plan?

reTargeting​ Business Case​​​​​​​​​​​​

Since 98 percent of all visitors to your website need time to think about it before choosing your Brand, or that of your Competitors, how can you maximise your Brand re-exposure?


How about those who have bought from your website before?


You may find that a reTargeted Display banner instead of a hard sell newsletter, can be more effective.


reTargeted Ads are shown, whilst the Prospect is surfing the web on websites that take Display advertising.


When the Prospect notices the ad, they will recall their previous visit, and might decide to return to your site!


This means a second or third chance of getting the deal.

98% of your "HOT" Prospects in this Critical Consideration Phase may transact elsewhere, do NOT lose them to your Competitors!


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​reTargeting ROI

We customize the Display Call to Action pitch based on the Prospect's item of interest.

reTargeted Display Ads could in fact even match their LEVEL of interest in a specific product.

Why show  a Hot prospect a thoughtless ad about your Brand?