Un-Staffed Shop or Office?


What would you do if you went into a physical shop or office with no one there to say  hello or provide assistance when it comes to:


  • The features of your product?

  • The unique benefits that comes with doing business with you?

  • How is your product different or better than others out there?


Can you adress those standard questions with some written text, a couple of pictures of even just an explainer video?


The only way is to ENGINEER a COMMUNICATION strategy to get your visitors from A to B in a logical & attractive manner. Explore further below  ...

Welcome all Visitors


  • Introduce the Product, the "product shelf", the product category.


  • When Prospects show interest in a product, highlight its unique benefits.


  • Each page & each Product feature & benefit should be clearly communicated via short video explanations. 


  • All common sense right? .. So why dont you do just that?

Is your Website attended?


  • Websites do NOT come close to a life like, shopping experience!


  • Written information, some pictures or even a few videos, doesn't make for an online Customer Service Strategy! 


  • How can you better articulate the features & benefits of your product or even contrast yours with that of competitors?


  • Your potential customers just want more information so they can make an informed decision, right?


  • Discover how we can staff your website with Online Virtual Presenters.

Digitized Personalities

  • Digitized Personalities communicate 24/7.


  • Staffed .. just like you physical shop or office.


  • Our Next Generation Prospect Velocity acceleration solutions uses Digitized Sales Professionals to pitch 24/7.


  • Digitized Professionals help your Prospects make the right decision about your Product or Service


  • They articulate the features of & highlights the benefits of your product.

Digitized Models.


Digitized Professionals who will articulate your Features and product Benefits pitch perfect, everytime.


Digitized Personalities can also teach, or simply engage your prospects with content rich, highly captivating information. It beats pages of never-ending boring text, doesn't?


Models can speak perfect American, Australian or British English. They can also speak Chinese, French, Korean, Thai ... and many other popular languages.


Discover how you can implement Digital Personalities throughout your site who can service, sell and communicate 24/7!