Celebrity Look Alike


Digital Celebrity look alikes can lend you their star power


Created from a blank sheet using image processing algorithms, skills & artistic talent, our Digitized Celebrity look alikes eventually come to life.


Discover how you can implement Digital Celebrity look alikes throughout your site to promote, endorse, service, sell and communicate 24/7!


Meet all of us below ..

"Gangnam" Style
Celebrity Look-Alikes


I am a big, I am a huge fan of Digital Marketing ROI.  My name is Angie, I am a celebrity, look-alike. 


No, I am not Angelina! I am actually a digital creation. You are welcome to have a look around & learn how going beyond your basic website can help lift user engagement & site stickiness.   


Our capabilities are limitless, when it comes to digital alchemy. I am very happy to take you on a tour of our universe Let's start, shall we?


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My name is NOT Barrack! Its just Barry.


Yes I believe in the future of digitized personalities.


Like Google, Facebook and others ... Digital Marketing ROI is leading the future of technology!


Thanks to Daniel, we are at the cusp of a technological revolution ..


"It takes my old BlackBerry, right back to the stone age!"


Let's all give our support to Daniel, and his crack team of digitized personalities at DMROI!


Vote for Digital Marketing ROI, Yes you can!


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Product placements anyone?


My name is Kimmy. I am pleased to have been created as a look-alike for Kim.


Using advanced digital engineering and techno-wizardry, I came to life in early 2014.  An ode to the real Kim, I am only but a similar copy of the real deal. My passion is promotions and I excel in making your product look great!


My voice engine is powered by Digital Marketing ROI's digital alchemist.


Book me now, and I can bring some "star power" to your website as well. Your bonus, is a perfectly engineered sales pitch, delivered as you guessed, 24/7/365 .. each and every time!


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Not just an Artist .. but a Promoter


I am also a promoter, who happens to look like a famous performer. He is a great guy. I am just a digital look-alike.


Just like my digital siblings, I can make your website look cool. In addition to showing up, I can deliver a perfectly engineered sales pitch, 24 7 365 .. each and every time someone visits your site!


Think about it ... not only does your website visitor get to see your product but they get to hear me tell them about your amazing features & benefit as well!


I can help your visitors stay onsite, just long enough for them to really get your product's benefits!


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Its a visual thing!


The good old proven methods of visually captivating your attention means triggering an emotion.


This is why TV ads have funny story lines or beautiful actors to pitch the story.Here is where I come in ..


Yes, well ... I do look like a famous latin celebrity called Jennifer.


No, I am a digital personality created pixel by pixel. What I do is promote the features and benefits, of your product "pitch perfect", 24/ 7/365 days!


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In the Business of Entertainment


By now, you know me from my work with Fergie & the Black Eye Peas. My songs, my style, my love of gadgets & then my mentoring of upcoming stars on The Voice.


What if my business acumen could laso be applied to lending well needed star power to your Brand.


Admitedly, I am but a look alike. however endowed with A.I & trainined in thr art of Sales by the best in the business, I can be at your sevice.


So come on, order me now!